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Important Forms and Documents

2018-2019 District Salary Schedules

2018-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement

The most current NTA/NUSD negotiated agreement including all provisions of the contract.

Level 1 Grievance Form

Use this form if you believe an administrator has violated any term of the contract.  NTA will review the grievance and act on your behalf if you wish.  You may only use this form after you have had an informal meeting with your administrator to discuss the alleged violation, otherwise, NTA will deny the grievance from proceeding to arbitration.  (See Article 5 of the contract for more information).

Level 2 Grievance Form

Use this form only if you:  1) have had an informal meeting with your administrator, 2) filed a grievance at Level 1, 3) consulted with NTA about the grievance, and 4) the Level 1 grievance was denied by your administrator.  While a member may file a grievance at Level 2 themselves, you are strongly encouraged to have the Association file at this level on your behalf.  If the Level 2 grievance is denied, the NTA Executive Board will consider whether or not to take the grievance to arbitration so it's best to consult with us first.  Use us as contract experts!  (See Article 5 of the contract for more information.)

Catastrophic Leave Application

If you have a serious injury or illness, use this application for use of the Catastrophic Leave Bank.  The NTA Catastrophic Leave Committee will consider your request, and if approved, reimburse any days you lose for that injury/illness.

High School Class Size Waiver Form

High School only:  Use this form to exceed the contractual limit of 34 in any core class.  (See Article 8 of the contract for more information.)

Formal Classroom Observation Form

This is the official observation form your administrator must use in order to count the observation towards your evaluation.  No other form may be used for evaluative purposes without the consent of NTA.  This does NOT prevent an administrator from coming into your classroom to observe and documenting what they observe on other forms, but these other forms cannot be attached to your observation.  An administrator may come in at any time.  (See Article 9 of the contract for more information.)

Evaluation Form

The final evaluation form that must be used by an administrator and sent to human resources.  This may be placed in your personnel file and used for future observations, discipline, or dismissal purposes. (See Article 9 of the contract for more information.)

Family Care Leave Application 

Use this form to apply for family care leave, which includes care for a spouse, parent, child, or yourself.  You may use a maximum of 12 workweeks to care for any member of your immediate family, however, you can only receive pay for up to 25 days of your accrued sick leave. (See Article 11 of the contract for more information.)

Peer Assistance and Review Form

Use this form if your evaluator has referred you to this program because of an unsatisfactory evaluation, or if you wish to voluntarily enter this program.  (See Article 18 of the contract for more information.)

Reimbursement for Personal Instructional Property Form

Use this form if you have had instructional property lost or stolen from your classroom that you believe you are not at fault for.  The maximum amount recoverable is currently $750.  (See Article 14 of the contract for more information.)