Newark Teachers Association

Students First

Mission Statement

The mission of the Newark Teachers Association is

  1. To represent its members in their relations with their employer, and to be the exclusive representative of appropriate units of school employees in all matters relating to employment conditions and employer-employee relations including, but not limited to, wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment;

  2. To form a representative body capable of developing group opinion on professional matters to speak with authority for unit members;

  3. To provide an opportunity for continuous study and action on problems of the profession;

  4. To provide a means of representation for its diverse membership;

  5. To promote professional attitudes and ethical conduct among members;

  6. To encourage cooperation and communication between the profession and the community; and

  7. To foster good fellowship among members.

Our Vision

The current vision of the Newark Teachers Association is:

  1. To unify all of our membership around our mission statement;

  2. To encourage all of our members to actively participate in the functions of the Association;

  3. To ensure that all provisions of the collective bargaining agreement are fully complied with;

  4. To encourage membership to assist the Association in voicing our views on affecting education;

  5. To make our views more visible through organization of the membership;

  6. To ensure that the Association has the full trust of its membership in representing the unit.