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Site Rep Application


Thank you for your interest in serving as a site representative for the Newark Teachers Association!  Please complete the application below and then click "Submit".  You will be contacted by NTA shortly after we receive your application.  Again, thank you, your interest in helping our members is greatly appreciated.


Please review each statement and check the box if the statement applies to you.
I am an active member of the Newark Teachers Association.
I am in good standing with NTA, as well as the California Teachers Association and the National Education Association.
I am willing to attend at least one meeting a month to serve as my site's representative.
I am willing to participate in trainings to help me in my role as a site representative.
By clicking "Submit", you certify that all information you have provided is true and accurate.  Failure to provide truthful information may result in your removal from the Representative Council and a negative standing with the Newark Teachers Association.